Company profile Decover

Strongly believing that image can boost a product, Decover has been operating for over 30 years in the field of decorations and has always been committed to serving its customers so as to enhance and to bring out the elegance of glass in all its shapes.

Decover is a leading firm in the mechanical production of decorated glassware. Our main features are: experience, professionalism, modern technology. Ranges of products suitable for houseware, industrial and promotional sectors.

Hi-quality, competitive prices, operating efficiency: as a consequence we have developed a considerable presence both on domestic and international market. 

Decover meets the requirements of a market constantly growing; in 1995, it is specialized in silk-screen printing on containers, developing a massive production and yet keeping high quality standard.

Thanks to the abilities of highly skilled staff, combines artisan’s tradition with leading-edge technologies; it constantly keeps the manufacturing process under control in order to ensure the best service, thus strengthening its position as a leading company in its field.

The huge capacity of its stores (15.000 covered sq.m) makes it possibile for Decover to keep a large stock of finished products, proving customers with a quick and efficient delivery service. 


The production area has nine automatic machines and four annealing kilns.

Decover produces 30 million pieces per year.

Decorations fully responds to the new european laws and to the procedures for the respect of the environment. 


With the aspiration to a continuous improvement of the Process Quality and paying serious attention to environmental issues, the Company has recently been certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by an eminent European Auditor.

Moreover, the Company maintain the metrological certification of its items with gauge level, according to the European Directive 2014/32/UE (MID).