The nautical style: furnishings and accessories to recreate the ambiance of your beach house

Seaside style is a design and home décor trend that has recently taken the world of home styling and quality furnishings by storm: nautical-style furniture, furnishings, textiles and lighting mixed and matched tastefully and with refinement can recreate the charm, cool and relaxation typical of a beach house in any setting.

Nautical style, traditionally used for furnishing boats, yachts and summer residences, has quickly spread to city apartments and metropolitan settings too, bringing the insouciance of holiday atmospheres everywhere, thanks to the use of bright colours and cheerful and fun “navy” patterns.

nautical bedroom

To transform a home, a bar or a shop in coastal style, the term used to indicate the nautical style in the United States, where it is widely used and extremely popular, you do not need to be an interior design professional or spend a fortune: today, nautical style accessories and furniture are easy to find in well-stocked furniture and home décor chain stores or even on-line, at prices which are often truly affordable.

Let’s see which pieces and styles are truly indispensable for the perfect seaside style.

Coastal style colours

Imagine that your room is the inside of an ancient sailing ship or a luxury yacht: choose bright colours for the walls, such as white or ivory, or for the warmth of wood panelling, leave the latter in natural or stripped pale shades.

A must-have in any self-respecting nautical style are all the shades of azure blue, blue and grey, which are reminiscent of the calm sea during summer days or the surging waves during winter storms. The shades of sand, rope and beige bring to mind tropical beaches and the rich variety of elegant nautical knots.

nautical living room

In the trends for 2019 the coastal style is supplemented with new colours, which are not traditionally linked to the nautical world, such as purple, metallic shades of silver, gold and brass, and the lively "living coral", the coolest colour of the year for home décor and design.

Break up the total white effect or the "deep-sea dive" effect of a setting dominated by blues with an old piece of furniture that has been restored and painted in bright colours: a bedside table, a small coffee table for the living room are enough, or even just a picture frame or wooden boxes that are perfect to store magazines, matching coloured cushions, candles or vases with flowers or cactuses.

Seaside style accessories: coastal details to feel on holiday, year-round 

Position furnishings and ornaments with parsimony, you only need very little to evoke the romantic atmosphere of a seaside house or the adventurous spirit of a ship sailing across the seas: portholes, rudders, nautical ropes, life jackets and even buoys can constitute unusual decorative coastal style objects, placed appropriately in a characteristic yet simple setting.

And if you don’t have original pieces or parts of ancient ships? The yacht style can be easily reproduced with fun objects such as model lighthouses and sail boats, candle burner lanterns, glass jars and bottles filled with sand, twigs, seashells and starfish collected during your seaside excursions.

Furnishing your home with seaside style fabrics 

The nautical style can be used in all rooms, with curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths and sofa and armchair covers: stripes are one of the most typical patterns, but prints that look like geographical maps or nautical charts also prove popular, as well as patterns with small anchors, knots or seashells.

You could range from a more bright and classic total white raw cotton to softer and more sophisticated fabrics like velvet and cashmere, reminiscent of the luxury of yacht style.

Patterns, prints and coral colours for cushions and textiles for those of you who want to be daring with their colour palette; special "fabrics" and materials such as jute from old sacks, floor mats or even fishing nets for those who want to play around with tactile sensations.

Coastal table, nautical style tableware to enjoy summer all year round

A seaside style table brings the cheerfulness of summer and the vivacity of seaside holidays to your home all year round: just a few accessories and some creative low-cost ideas are all you need.

The Tablecloth can be white or in shades of blue, in raw cotton, embellished by a runner or table mats in sand and jute colour, better still if made of raffia or braided straw to recall the texture of ropes and nautical knots.

Dishware and crockery in bright colours with a simple design can be livened up with special place cards, with seashells, starfish and peculiar shaped pebbles. Napkins brandishing garish colours, from blue to coral, stand out against the pale shades of the tablecloth and can be secured in an original way with string or threads of jute, bound with twigs or small objects such as fishing buoys or anchor or rudder shaped pendants.

nautical table

The choice of glass and transparencies, that bring to mind water and the sea and amplify the light reflections, are fundamental: for your seaside style table Decover offers several different interpretations of the coastal style in its Nautical, Amerigo, Azulejos and Sardina lines.

For fun and lively tableware in shades of red and coral, the range of Nautical decorated glass by Decover comprises glasses in 3 different sizes, a bottle with hermetically sealed lid, a 310 ml cup and the highly original country cup with lid and straw, ideal for drinks, fruit juices and long drinks.


Amerigo by Decover interprets the nautical style in a sophisticated and classic way: elegant sailing ships, compass roses and other typical nautical motifs clad 3 original glasses, a bottle with hermetically sealed lid, milk bottle with screw cap and the original Olimpia bottle.


The Azulejos collection by Decover brings to mind typical Mediterranean colours and decorative patterns, like the refined Portuguese majolica or flashy Tunisian ceramics: the line comprises two models of glasses, a 310 ml cup, a hermetically sealed bottle and a kitchen jar with snap lid, ideal for salt, sugar, coffee, rice and pasta.


For an informal and undemanding coastal table, the Sardina glasses by Decover are the perfect touch of fun practicality: a host of stylised fish in shades of pale blue swim across the glass, creating games of light and transparencies.


Decover, the designer decorated glass specialist for 30 years 

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