Furniture, decoration and tableware trends in 2019: discover the colours and must-have styles!

2019 colour trends: not just living coral!

The new year has just begun and there is already a growing craze for the furniture trends and the new colours that are destined to bloom throughout 2019.

Architects and designers all agree on which colours are to play the starring role in decorating and furnishing homes in 2019: the undisputed ruler of home décor and interiors this year is to be living coral, the PANTONE 16-1546 shade of pink with hints of gold that envelops settings with elegant energy and positivity.

The summer 2019 trends expect to see the domineering presence of living coral, from wall paint to bright wallpaper with optical and geometric patterns, designer accessories as well as lighting, without forgetting textiles and tableware.

pantone living coral

The tropical trend of 2018 has not entirely lost its appeal: in fact, the most popular combinations for living coral include bright shades of green, deep or lemon yellow, electric blue and red, which were the protagonists of the last year’s beloved jungle style.

These colour combinations, interpreted with a fun graphic twist, and diluted in pastel hues, were the inspiration for the June decorated glasses: soft ice cream in shades of living coral, fresh fruit and delicate leaves are the components making up the fresh and fun decorations, simply perfect for a colourful summer table.

decover june artwork

The metallic version of living coral is ultra-chic and very trendy: ceiling lamps, ornaments and home furnishings in metallic pink will add a touch of sophisticated romance to elemental Scandinavian style or hygge home interiors, combined with distressed gold and silver.
Picture frames, mirrors, tables and lighting in rosé metal will be the must-have accessories for sophisticated and super-fashionable furnishings.

The winter 2019 trends will instead feature less shocking and decidedly colder shades, renewing the success of the evergreen pairing of black & white, enhanced by hints of mustard yellow or gunbarrel grey.

The winter colour trends for 2019 were the source of inspiration for the Planets decorated glasses line, which takes the minimal refinement of geometric graphics to the table.

decover planets artwork

2019 decorative patterns and graphic trends

More than ever before, less is more: furniture trends in 2019 impose a minimal style that is also "edgy", characterised by geometric patterns and square shapes.

Essential and stylised patterns can be found on coloured floors in post-modernist style, on tiles featuring three-dimensional decorations, on wallpaper which is definitely back in fashion, exploding into luxury optical patterns inspired by the great geometric graphic of the 30s and 70s.

Household furniture in 2019 also promises to be elemental and ultra-basic in shape, in accordance with Scandinavian style and hygge, a very recent trend that prefers natural materials, such as wood and wool: sofas, tables and armchairs with a design reduced to a bare minimum, consisting of unrefined and unprocessed elements, like tree trunks, roots or stones, contrast with the soft luxury of carpets, cushions and textiles in soft angora or Mongolian wool, fur or natural hand-woven fibres in rustic, textured materials.

Jungle & Cactus, the tropical trend of 2019

In contrast with the simple shapes of minimalist style, summer 2019 will provide confirmation of the rich and enveloping tropical patterns: large fern leaves, dense jungles, spotted and animalier patterns beside a multitude of stylised or hyper-realistic cactus will paint walls and textiles green, confirming the outstanding success of the exotic graphic trends which were already popular in 2018.

urban jungle style

In particular, the symbolic object of design in 2019 will be the cactus, either stylised or cartoon, reproduced on fabrics or prints, painted onto ceramics and tableware, three-dimensional as a fun ornament or an unconventional lamp and, naturally, very much alive and real in thorny potted compositions scattered throughout the home.

interior design

Decover, leading manufacturer of 100% Italian printed glass with exclusive designs, is keeping up with the 2019 decorative trends and offers its Lama, Tribal, Sandra, Forest, Pineapple and Cactus lines of glasses to dress the summer table with the fun and warmth of the most popular tropical fantasies.

Fun lamas, adorable stylised pineapples, fern branches, brightly coloured abstract tribal-style decorations and must-have cacti for a different, fun and carefree tableware theme each day.

decover lama artwork

Scandinavian, vintage and industrial: the "must-have" style trends in 2019

The success of Scandinavian style, characterised by a few basic and functional pieces of furniture set in a context dominated by white and by simplicity, continues unabated and is even consolidated in 2019, supplemented by more vintage hues inspired by the world of nature.

nordic style

Typical Swedish-style furniture and accessories will be given a new lease of life when mixed with vintage 60s/70s armchairs, footstools and sofas, preferably featuring their original fabric upholstery or a good imitation thereof.

Glass, cast iron and untreated wood will instead play the starring role of another important furnishing trend in 2019: industrial style remains a great success, and mixing it with raw elements such as bark, roots, jute and live plant compositions has given rise to rustrial (rustic + industrial), the latest trend for lovers of a country style with strong minimal-chic vibes.

The purity and simplicity of Scandinavian and rustrial style are the protagonists of the graphics found on the Provence decorated glasses: striking yet simple designs inspired by nature and a delicate floral pattern for a country-minimal table that does not forego elegance and originality.

decover provence collection