Flamingos, cactus, natural style: 2018 trendiest designs inspire Decover “Tropical” glass collections

Who said glasses can’t be glamorous and trendy?

With Decover - a leading company in Made in Italy glass decorations for over 30 years - you can get the coolest trends of 2018 right on your table!

Exclusive screen-printed, wash and temperature resistant designs, on high-quality glasses, to bring the joy and colour of tropical style in your home all year round.

Flamingo-mania: pink charm on your table, with Decover Flamingo decorated glasses

Not many people know that the flamingo-mania - that spread all over on Instagram in the summer of 2017, and which is still the undisputed protagonist of gadgets and graphics - comes from afar: in 1957, Donald Featherstone, a guy who worked for Union Products (a US company specializing in the production of plastic materials), created the famous stylized pink flamingo statue, which became a pop icon of 1960s Americana.

Flamingo-mania exploded: there wasn’t a single garden in America without one of those statues, insomuch as it was awarded the IG Nobel Art Prize in 1996.
The Pink Flamingos film (1972) by John Waters and Andy Warhol’s creations permanently consecrated flamingos as an artistic trend.

flamingos collection tropical style decoration decover

Fashion influencers, and even the best high fashion designers, such as Valentino and Giambattista Valli, have recently reinterpreted this icon in a witty, chic and sophisticated way: in no time, flamingos have taken over clothes, shoes, accessories, design furniture and hi-tech: tableware is no exception, and the trendiest tables all wear pink, with themed crockery, fabrics and decorations.

flamingos tableware

Decover has created the Flamingo silkscreen glasses, with their practical and essential shape, and with a witty and fascinating design.

A flock of fun flamingos and stylized fern leaves blossoming on our glasses, to create classy pink and green motifs, and painting your table and home in a fresh and witty way.

flamingos collection tropical style decover

Cactus-fever, the latest design trend, lands on Decover decorated glasses 

Along with the flamingo and unicorn mania, there’s now a new, funny trend: cactus-mania!

cactus collection tropical style decover

Succulents are excellent as house plants: they decorate and bring colour to your house, without being too much work; they fit in well with all styles, are very resistant, make even people who don’t have much of a green thumb happy, and are available in many different shapes and blossoms.

Today, cactus and prickly plants abound on fabrics and garments, become weird lamps or design décors, and add some summery warmth and Far West glamour to your table and tableware.

cactus tableware

It comprises a wide range of shades, from green to brown to ochre, typical of the wild lands where cactus proliferate.

There are endless home décors where these prickly plants - a wonder of Nature, with their neat and simple forms - are protagonists: if you love the cactus-mania, Decover has created a collection of printed high-quality glasses made in Italy, with this exclusive, witty and funny pattern.

Many cactus in pastel hues, for an informal and irreverent style, inspired by summer and freedom!

cactus collection tropical style decoration decover

Slow-life décor trends: natural elements to make your home more serene

Slow-life is the latest décor trend of 2018: its mission is transforming your home in a reassuring space, giving serenity and balance, thanks to Mother Nature’s colours and shapes.

forest collection tropical style decoration decover

And what’s more comforting and relaxing than surrounding yourself with things as old as time that you’ve known for ever?

It doesn’t take much to feel safe and in harmony with the world: surround yourselves with green and brown, Earth’s hues, and with simple and authentic materials, such as wood, wool and leather. Large photo prints featuring woods, forests, snowy or autumnal valleys will do the rest, and will comfort you in a warm embrace.

Slow-life also blossoms on tableware and fabrics, transforming your table in a lush garden, where optical graphics and stylized shapes reinterpret Nature’s perfection.

slow life tableware

Match a natural linen table runner with striking colour combinations, such as Decover Forest decorated glasses, embellished by an essential and sophisticated naturalistic décor.

Delicately nuanced green fern leaves adorn the glass, creating reflections and overlays that revoke the fronds of luxuriant forests.

forest collection tropical style decover

Decover: Italian decorated glass for over 30 years

The Flamingo, Cactus and Forest glasses are decorated with exclusive graphics and designs 100% Made in Italy, printed using latest-generation technologies and checked with painstaking care.

Decover is the world leader in the glass decorations sector, offering product lines under its own brand and producing customised lines upon request.

Every one of the 30 million decorated glass pieces that Decover produces each year is the result of ongoing research into market trends and requirements, retaining superior quality standards and guaranteeing the very best performance in terms of resistance to wash cycles and high temperatures.

All the decorations on the glasses and decorated glassware by Decover comply with European standards and are made in accordance with environmentally-friendly procedures.
Decover is also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

You’ll find Decover brand products in the best housewares and tableware stores and in large retail outlets.

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