A few ideas for your Valentine’s day table: romantic Decover decorated glass tableware

What to do on Valentine’s Day?
Do you look for new ideas every year on how to celebrate Valentine's Day in an original way and impress your loved one with sleek sophistication?

What better than to organise a romantic surprise dinner and prepare your own delicious dishes, maybe your partner’s absolute favourite, followed by a choreographic Valentine’s day dessert?

With just a few tips and creative ideas, your Valentine’s day table will look nothing like it does on every other day, and you could create the atmosphere of a top restaurant in the comfort of your own home: just follow our advice!

decover valentines day tableware

DIY Valentine’s day table 

Are you looking for simple and inexpensive ideas that could make your Valentine’s day table truly unique and special?

Start with textiles: the more passionate among you will opt for the perfect plain red tablecloth, whereas romantics will love a classic white damask tablecloth sprinkled with some sumptuously scented red or pink rose petals.
For a more friendly and informal effect, you could opt for a runner or placemats decorated with themed or heart-shaped embroidery.
Do you need a really sweet idea that will definitely put a twinkle in your other half’s eyes? Fill the table with small prints of photos of the happiest moments of your life together, hiding them under their starter plate, between the folds of their napkin or in the corolla of a rose used as a place card holder.... the wow effect is guaranteed!

How to lay the table for Valentine's Day? 

Glasses, bottles and glass tableware will play the starring role on your Valentine’s day table: a proper romantic dinner would not be complete without making a toast to the sweetest celebration of the year!

Decover, leader in the decorated glass industry, offers an entire line of glasses, bottles, cups and glassware dedicated to the day for lovers.

decover valentines day glass bottle

Are you looking for the ideal glasses for Valentine's Day to serve a pre-dinner cocktail? Jazz Beverage and Conic Beverage, which are decorated with cute red hearts along the rim, are perfect for a romantic aperitif.

To set the table, choose the Conic Water or Jazz Water models and, after uncorking your favourite wine, don’t settle for a disposable bottle of mineral water: the Decover Valentine’s Day bottle, fitted with a practical snap top, is ideal for preserving sparkling water and all kinds of juices and beverages.

Complete your perfect Valentine’s day table with elegant oil and vinegar bottles and the friendly salt and pepper dispensers in Decover decorated glass, for that extra touch of sophistication and romance.

Valentine's Day table decorations 

Your DIY Valentine's Day table cannot be complete without a personal touch, an idea to amaze and leave your loved one speechless: turn off all the lights and fill the table and the room with scented tealights, perhaps placing them in the delightful Decover glass Heart cups, decorated with printed red hearts to match the glasses and bottles.

decover valentines day glass jars

Another timeless table decoration is to use your partner’s favourite flowers, but those who want to be more daring and truly unconventional can opt for fun heart-shaped balloons tied to the middle of the table or to the chairs, or giant 3D wording cut out of corrugated cardboard, or even romantic hanging decorations hanging from the ceiling or even a fun treasure hunt to guide your guest sweetly or with a bit of spice from the front door to your splendid Valentine’s Day table!

Another fun, low-cost idea is to create table decorations using the pieces from your Scrabble set: you can compose love notes, a poem or a few verses of your partner’s favourite song.... or even a truly original proposal!

If you enjoy baking, Valentine’s Day cakes and biscuits, perhaps even heart-shaped and glazed and decorated with themed sprinkles, can not only be delicious desserts but also sophisticated place card holders or centrepieces, carefully arranged on a cake stand.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast, to start off Valentine's Day romantically as you mean to go on

If putting together an entire Valentine's Day dinner and decorating the table with DIY ideas seems too challenging, you can give your other half a special start to the day: prepare a hearty Valentine's Day breakfast, strictly in bed of course!

This means a cup of strong coffee, a rich cappuccino or a fragrant rose or vanilla herbal tea: present these with style in a Decover decorated glass mug or cup spiced up by delightful red hearts.

decover valentines day breakfast

You can opt for classic croissants, filled with chocolate custard or topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, or prepare romantic tarts or pancakes prepared on the day using heart-shaped cutters. Another typical Valentine’s Day treat are shortbread biscuits or vanilla muffins, which you can fill and decorate with red or pink icing, themed hundreds and thousands or rose petals frosted in sugar for a touch of delicate sophistication.

Accompany your special breakfast with fresh orange juice, a multivitamin packed fruit juice or slow-pressed juice: you can present these in a fun way using the delightful Crazy Love and Love Roses decorated glass bottles. You can prepare your drinks in advance and keep them fresh and fragrant for days in the refrigerator thanks to the handy screw cap. Also ideal for fresh milk.

To store your sugar, tea bags and coffee pods or ground coffee, even your kitchen can dress up for Valentine's Day with the Decover Heart decorated glass airtight containers.

decover valentines day

Decover: Italian decorated glass for over 30 years 

The Valentine’s Day glasses, bottles and tableware are decorated with exclusive graphics and designs 100% Made in Italy, printed using latest-generation technologies and checked with painstaking care.

Decover is the world leader in the glass decorations sector, offering product lines under its own brand and producing customised lines upon request.

Every one of the 30 million decorated glass pieces that Decover produces each year is the result of ongoing research into market trends and requirements, retaining superior quality standards and guaranteeing the very best performance in terms of resistance to wash cycles and high temperatures.

All the decorations on the glasses and decorated glassware by Decover comply with European standards and are made in accordance with environmentally-friendly procedures.
Decover is also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

You’ll find Decover brand products in the best housewares and tableware stores and in large retail outlets.

Are you a retailer/distributor/dealer looking for a wholesaler of decorated glassware?
Visit https://www.decover.it/en/ and contact us here to find out more about Decover products and services.