Ideas for summer dining: how to set and lay the table

Summer is now in full swing and with the warmer weather comes the possibility of al fresco lunch or dinner.

Whether the space available to you is a balcony, a metropolitan terrace or a generous garden in the country or in the hills, laying a beautiful summer table is a pleasure you can always treat yourself to: just a few, simple steps are required to amaze your friends and family and spend an enjoyable evening in the open air.

In this article, we’ll provide some useful tips to set an original summer table, without investing too much time or money.


How to prepare the table: textiles and tableware

Summer is a time for colours, fun and for the triumph of Nature: what better way to celebrate it than to fill your table with flowers?

Start with a tablecloth with a fun floral pattern, with bright colours, perhaps with stylised graphics; if you prefer a summer table without a tablecloth, choose plastic or raffia place mats: each diner gets a different colour!

Variety is also the spice of life for your plates, which you can mix and match and recycle, with uncoordinated colours and patterns, for a bohemian chic look.

Glassware is also very important: choose printed glass bottles and glasses featuring fun patterns and an informal design.

Colourful daisies bloom on the Marge decorated glass collection by Decover, which offers you the chance to choose between cylindrical-shaped and conical water tumblers and the beverage/drink glass with a capacity of 330 cc.

The Marge line is completed by the Alighieri spice jar with hermetically-sealed lid, the practical Lella bottle with a snap-top and the Sirio bottle with a screw cap, in high-quality Italian glass that match the glasses.


For a more minimal and linear floral effect, the Fiorone collection by Decover is just for you!
A refined stylised botanical motif in shades of green blooms on two sizes of water and beverage glasses, bottles, jug and bowls that are ideal for breakfast or to serve appetizers, all in Italian printed glass with an exclusive design.


How to set a floral table

And now, what’s your floral summer table missing? Fresh flowers, of course!

Choose simple, hard-wearing and brightly coloured flowers such as daisies, gerberas, poppies and sunflowers: cut them and arrange them in lots of coloured glass vases or glasses placed all along your table: they will give a cool and graceful touch of country fun to your table. You can add freshness and fragrances to your bunches by inserting a few sprigs of rosemary, mint, sage, thyme or other freshly picked herbs.


If you have the opportunity to hang chains or cables to the roof of your portico or gazebo, you can create hanging floral decorations for high scenic impact: use tin buckets or old plastic pots you can paint over in bright colours and fill with your favourite flowers, better still if they match the ones used to decorate your table.

Make some holes to insert some hooks and use ropes or light chains to hang floral compositions quite low over your summer table.

Ideas for a summer dinner: cooking with flowers 

Now you know how to prepare a summer table inspired by Nature, all that is left for you to do is to surprise your guests with some original floral-themed dishes.

Edible flowers - both fresh and dried - are available for purchase, all with splendid colours and a delicate flavour, ideal to add a sophisticated touch to salads, fish and shellfish carpaccios, fresh cheeses and puddings such as mousses and flans.

You could also prepare choreographic soups or cold creamy recipes, such as gazpacho or cream of pulse and vegetable soups, decorated with edible flower petals, fresh herbs and fennel roots.

A really super idea to refresh the water and drinks on your summer table with style? Introduce an edible flower in every compartment in your ice tray, fill with water and freeze. The result will be unusual and ultra-sophisticated floral ice cubes, ideal for cocktails or a glass of bubbly.


Why not lay a fun outdoor table inspired by the coolest decorative motifs this summer 2019?

One tireless trend is the pink flamingo, for a romantic table setting in shades of tropical sunsets. In shops you’ll find all sorts of themed accessories to set and decorate your summer table: textiles, place mats, runners, even straws and party favours celebrate the “flamingo” motif in its unmistakable coral pink hue or in brighter shades of fuchsia.

To complete your summer table, choose decorated glassware items from the Flamingo line by Decover: cups, bottles, jugs, water and cocktail glasses printed with a fun exclusive “flamingo” themed design.


Another “big hit” for summer 2019 are cactuses, of all shapes and sizes.
These fun thorny plants liven up tablecloths and napkins, but they also come in the shape of original forks for starters, spice jars or unusual lanterns!

The extra idea to set a cactus-themed summer table that will astound everyone?

Place a rather wide and low tray in the middle of the table and fill it with sand: it will be the desert from which lots of small real cactuses can poke out, nestled in coffee cups or metal tea light holders.

You can’t use just any old glasses for your cactus-themed summer table: tableware in 100% Italian stamped glass from the Cactus line by Decover brings the fun and colour of these unique plants to your open-air lunches and dinners thanks to their exclusive wash-resistant graphics.



A touch of Mexican fun or inebriating Middle-Eastern atmospheres?
Setting an ethnic style table is a simple, trendy choice, which can be interpreted in an informal or refined manner.

Prefer unrefined materials such as straw or woven jute charger plates, enamelled terracotta bowls decorated with bright colours and Mediterranean patterns, trays and serving spoons in natural wood.

Setting the table in Mexican style

To interpret the TEX-MEX style, set your table with lots of appetizers such as nachos, guacamole (avocado sauce), red bean chilli and a mixture of multi-coloured raw vegetables. There can be no shortage of themed accessories, such as a runner that brings to mind the typical poncho worn by mariachi and the decorated glassware items from the Lama line by Decover: printed glasses featuring funny exclusive graphics inspired by typical Andes landscapes.

Obviously, don’t forget to season your dishes with plenty of hot chilli and...let the fiesta begin!

Lama Art

Setting the table in Mediterranean style

You’ll only need a few items to recreate the magic of Mediterranean landscapes on your summer table: lots of different sized lanterns, also hanging, bowls with colourful spices and scented incense, a beautiful traditional tajine to serve vegetables or meat to accompany your cous cous or pita bread.
The warm and enveloping shades of Middle-Eastern summers can be found on the Tribal glasses by Decover: high quality Italian printed glass with exclusive graphics inspired by tribal decorative patterns and fabrics.

Tribal Art

Decover, the designer decorated glass specialist for 30 years.
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American vintage style: 1950s American design makes a come-back in the home, in the kitchen and on the table

When we think of vintage style one of the first images that springs to mind is undoubtedly that of American diners during the 1950s and 60s, with their brightly coloured décor featuring a sinuous and rounded design, padded stools and couches and the must-have jukeboxes.

American vintage has profoundly affected the recent history of decorative arts and interior architectural style, introducing into the design of furniture and everyday objects the influences of important artistic movements, such as Andy Warhol’s pop art.

For some years now, the shapes, gaudy colours and major contrasts of American vintage style have undergone a highly successful revival: a large number of furniture, housewares, household appliances and kitchen accessories brands are replicating the styling of 1950s/60s America, often reinterpreting it in an original and innovative way.

diner american vintage

Do you like American vintage style? Do you want to customise your home or perhaps just your kitchen with a retro touch that mirrors the design of the legendary diners on Route 66? Follow our advice, you just need a few details to renovate the premises and coat them with some fun vintage style!

And if you think it's too expensive and demanding to change the style of your furniture and appliances, you can opt for a table set with American vintage taste to celebrate a special occasion: colourful tableware, textiles with large optical or geometric patterns and fun decorated glasses from the Aloha collection by Decover.

American vintage style, the origin of modern design 

1950s American style is the "cradle" of the modern concept of design: after the war, the feeling of renewal and the desire for colour and vibrancy that had spread among the younger generations also invaded their homes and public venues.

For this reason, the best artists and "designers" of the time were appointed by furniture manufacturers to restyle and design furniture and accessories that would accommodate this new taste, and these were mass produced in large-scale series to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market, while the economic boom was in full swing.

The rigorous style, natural materials and craftsmanship skill which had characterised furnishings during the early 20th Century were abandoned: the style which we now refer to as "American Vintage" in fact boasts distinctive features such as gaudy and contrasting colours, large geometric patterns such as squares, diamonds and polka dots, new chemical materials such as plastics and fibreglass, and curved, rounded silhouettes.

The very first household appliances were being introduced into the home: refrigerators, washing machines and the first food processor models, genuine "cult" objects which changed everyday life and the way of life of women and families forever, furniture fetishes with an unmistakable design that went on to become an icon of the American Vintage style.

Decorating the home in American vintage style 

If you want to replicate American vintage style in your home, start with the walls and textiles: dare with gaudy colours or geometrically patterned upholstery, which can be mirrored on curtains, throw cushions and the inevitable upholstered footstools.

Fabric reigns supreme: on square-shaped sofas, on dining chairs with upholstered seats, on floors covered with long-haired rugs or on fitted carpet for those of you who feel brave (and not allergic!).

Choose your lighting and housewares carefully, including vases and ornaments, which must be strictly made of metal, coloured glass or plastic.

For perfect American vintage style, you cannot forego some really "old fashioned" touches, such as the liqueur/bar cabinet, incandescent light bulbs with large originally-shaped bulbs (now also available in the LED version!) as well as a fun jukebox cabinet!

Decorating the kitchen in American vintage style

Whether it's an open-plan setting or a separate room, your American vintage style kitchen has to be colourful: tiles, doors, shelves, curtains in bright colours or featuring patterns such as squares or small diamonds are a must!

You could choose from the many complete vintage style kitchens featuring the typical rounded shapes which have in recent years been reintroduced by numerous brands in the industry, or you could customise your existing furniture with the details of "old America".

You can decide to redecorate with "plastic" effect glossy paints or cover the wall with adhesive paper: create the right 50s diner atmosphere using tin cans, pots and a tin breadbox, old advertising signs which can be easily found in junk shops, posters and a few high stools with a padded seat.

If you have a counter or a snack table, you could place vintage style cocktail glasses in plain view on a shelf or shelves above them, ready to serve your guests a lemonade or iced soda: choose themed decorated glasses such as those from the Aloha line by Decover.


Setting the table in American vintage style

For a party or an original picnic, choose vintage style tableware: plastic or straw place mats, checked textiles or featuring other geometric patterns, coloured glass bowls and containers and printed glasses and bottles, like the wide range of products in the Aloha line by Decover.

Aloha glasses, which are available in various models suitable for water, wine, soft drinks and cocktails, are enhanced by prints in gaudy colours reminiscent of the graphics and fonts used in American advertising during the Fifties.

The original prints, which are dishwasher proof - even at high temperatures -, are available in the Tropical, Surfing and Beach variants: ideal to bring the warmth and fun of Hawaiian vintage style to your table.

aloha conic bibita

The Aloha range of Italian high-quality glass tableware is completed by practical bottles with a snap-top and screw cap, which were very popular in the 50s for drinks and milk, breakfast cups with or without handle and the fun mug with lid and straw, to carry your favourite drink around with you without the risk of spilling it and allowing you to drink it directly from the mug.
All these items feature a rich décor that combines the Tropical, Surfing and Beach themed prints: a genuine, colour-packed explosion of tropical vintage style!

If you set a vintage table for a coffee break, in addition to the fun Aloha glass cups by Decover, the table would not be complete without the glass sugar bowl with steel dosing spoon and a café-style napkin dispenser: your American coffee should be served black and hot from a Vintage-design glass kettle (these are also easily available from the housewares stores), together with a stack of pancakes with maple syrup, soft doughnuts or a generous slice of American cheesecake.


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The nautical style: furnishings and accessories to recreate the ambiance of your beach house

Seaside style is a design and home décor trend that has recently taken the world of home styling and quality furnishings by storm: nautical-style furniture, furnishings, textiles and lighting mixed and matched tastefully and with refinement can recreate the charm, cool and relaxation typical of a beach house in any setting.

Nautical style, traditionally used for furnishing boats, yachts and summer residences, has quickly spread to city apartments and metropolitan settings too, bringing the insouciance of holiday atmospheres everywhere, thanks to the use of bright colours and cheerful and fun “navy” patterns.

nautical bedroom

To transform a home, a bar or a shop in coastal style, the term used to indicate the nautical style in the United States, where it is widely used and extremely popular, you do not need to be an interior design professional or spend a fortune: today, nautical style accessories and furniture are easy to find in well-stocked furniture and home décor chain stores or even on-line, at prices which are often truly affordable.

Let’s see which pieces and styles are truly indispensable for the perfect seaside style.

Coastal style colours

Imagine that your room is the inside of an ancient sailing ship or a luxury yacht: choose bright colours for the walls, such as white or ivory, or for the warmth of wood panelling, leave the latter in natural or stripped pale shades.

A must-have in any self-respecting nautical style are all the shades of azure blue, blue and grey, which are reminiscent of the calm sea during summer days or the surging waves during winter storms. The shades of sand, rope and beige bring to mind tropical beaches and the rich variety of elegant nautical knots.

nautical living room

In the trends for 2019 the coastal style is supplemented with new colours, which are not traditionally linked to the nautical world, such as purple, metallic shades of silver, gold and brass, and the lively "living coral", the coolest colour of the year for home décor and design.

Break up the total white effect or the "deep-sea dive" effect of a setting dominated by blues with an old piece of furniture that has been restored and painted in bright colours: a bedside table, a small coffee table for the living room are enough, or even just a picture frame or wooden boxes that are perfect to store magazines, matching coloured cushions, candles or vases with flowers or cactuses.

Seaside style accessories: coastal details to feel on holiday, year-round 

Position furnishings and ornaments with parsimony, you only need very little to evoke the romantic atmosphere of a seaside house or the adventurous spirit of a ship sailing across the seas: portholes, rudders, nautical ropes, life jackets and even buoys can constitute unusual decorative coastal style objects, placed appropriately in a characteristic yet simple setting.

And if you don’t have original pieces or parts of ancient ships? The yacht style can be easily reproduced with fun objects such as model lighthouses and sail boats, candle burner lanterns, glass jars and bottles filled with sand, twigs, seashells and starfish collected during your seaside excursions.

Furnishing your home with seaside style fabrics 

The nautical style can be used in all rooms, with curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths and sofa and armchair covers: stripes are one of the most typical patterns, but prints that look like geographical maps or nautical charts also prove popular, as well as patterns with small anchors, knots or seashells.

You could range from a more bright and classic total white raw cotton to softer and more sophisticated fabrics like velvet and cashmere, reminiscent of the luxury of yacht style.

Patterns, prints and coral colours for cushions and textiles for those of you who want to be daring with their colour palette; special "fabrics" and materials such as jute from old sacks, floor mats or even fishing nets for those who want to play around with tactile sensations.

Coastal table, nautical style tableware to enjoy summer all year round

A seaside style table brings the cheerfulness of summer and the vivacity of seaside holidays to your home all year round: just a few accessories and some creative low-cost ideas are all you need.

The Tablecloth can be white or in shades of blue, in raw cotton, embellished by a runner or table mats in sand and jute colour, better still if made of raffia or braided straw to recall the texture of ropes and nautical knots.

Dishware and crockery in bright colours with a simple design can be livened up with special place cards, with seashells, starfish and peculiar shaped pebbles. Napkins brandishing garish colours, from blue to coral, stand out against the pale shades of the tablecloth and can be secured in an original way with string or threads of jute, bound with twigs or small objects such as fishing buoys or anchor or rudder shaped pendants.

nautical table

The choice of glass and transparencies, that bring to mind water and the sea and amplify the light reflections, are fundamental: for your seaside style table Decover offers several different interpretations of the coastal style in its Nautical, Amerigo, Azulejos and Sardina lines.

For fun and lively tableware in shades of red and coral, the range of Nautical decorated glass by Decover comprises glasses in 3 different sizes, a bottle with hermetically sealed lid, a 310 ml cup and the highly original country cup with lid and straw, ideal for drinks, fruit juices and long drinks.


Amerigo by Decover interprets the nautical style in a sophisticated and classic way: elegant sailing ships, compass roses and other typical nautical motifs clad 3 original glasses, a bottle with hermetically sealed lid, milk bottle with screw cap and the original Olimpia bottle.


The Azulejos collection by Decover brings to mind typical Mediterranean colours and decorative patterns, like the refined Portuguese majolica or flashy Tunisian ceramics: the line comprises two models of glasses, a 310 ml cup, a hermetically sealed bottle and a kitchen jar with snap lid, ideal for salt, sugar, coffee, rice and pasta.


For an informal and undemanding coastal table, the Sardina glasses by Decover are the perfect touch of fun practicality: a host of stylised fish in shades of pale blue swim across the glass, creating games of light and transparencies.


Decover, the designer decorated glass specialist for 30 years 

The glasses, bottles and tableware in the Nautical, Amerigo, Azulejos, Sardina lines are decorated with exclusive graphics and designs 100% Made in Italy, printed using latest-generation technologies and checked with painstaking care.
Decover is the world leader in the glass decorations sector, offering product lines under its own brand and producing customised lines upon request.
Every one of the 30 million decorated glass pieces that Decover produces each year is the result of ongoing research into market trends and requirements, retaining superior quality standards and guaranteeing the very best performance in terms of resistance to wash cycles and high temperatures.
All the decorations on the glasses and decorated glassware by Decover comply with European standards and are made in accordance with environmentally-friendly procedures.
Decover is also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
You’ll find Decover brand products in the best housewares and tableware stores and in large retail outlets.

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Furniture, decoration and tableware trends in 2019: discover the colours and must-have styles!

2019 colour trends: not just living coral!

The new year has just begun and there is already a growing craze for the furniture trends and the new colours that are destined to bloom throughout 2019.

Architects and designers all agree on which colours are to play the starring role in decorating and furnishing homes in 2019: the undisputed ruler of home décor and interiors this year is to be living coral, the PANTONE 16-1546 shade of pink with hints of gold that envelops settings with elegant energy and positivity.

The summer 2019 trends expect to see the domineering presence of living coral, from wall paint to bright wallpaper with optical and geometric patterns, designer accessories as well as lighting, without forgetting textiles and tableware.

pantone living coral

The tropical trend of 2018 has not entirely lost its appeal: in fact, the most popular combinations for living coral include bright shades of green, deep or lemon yellow, electric blue and red, which were the protagonists of the last year’s beloved jungle style.

These colour combinations, interpreted with a fun graphic twist, and diluted in pastel hues, were the inspiration for the June decorated glasses: soft ice cream in shades of living coral, fresh fruit and delicate leaves are the components making up the fresh and fun decorations, simply perfect for a colourful summer table.

decover june artwork

The metallic version of living coral is ultra-chic and very trendy: ceiling lamps, ornaments and home furnishings in metallic pink will add a touch of sophisticated romance to elemental Scandinavian style or hygge home interiors, combined with distressed gold and silver.
Picture frames, mirrors, tables and lighting in rosé metal will be the must-have accessories for sophisticated and super-fashionable furnishings.

The winter 2019 trends will instead feature less shocking and decidedly colder shades, renewing the success of the evergreen pairing of black & white, enhanced by hints of mustard yellow or gunbarrel grey.

The winter colour trends for 2019 were the source of inspiration for the Planets decorated glasses line, which takes the minimal refinement of geometric graphics to the table.

decover planets artwork

2019 decorative patterns and graphic trends

More than ever before, less is more: furniture trends in 2019 impose a minimal style that is also "edgy", characterised by geometric patterns and square shapes.

Essential and stylised patterns can be found on coloured floors in post-modernist style, on tiles featuring three-dimensional decorations, on wallpaper which is definitely back in fashion, exploding into luxury optical patterns inspired by the great geometric graphic of the 30s and 70s.

Household furniture in 2019 also promises to be elemental and ultra-basic in shape, in accordance with Scandinavian style and hygge, a very recent trend that prefers natural materials, such as wood and wool: sofas, tables and armchairs with a design reduced to a bare minimum, consisting of unrefined and unprocessed elements, like tree trunks, roots or stones, contrast with the soft luxury of carpets, cushions and textiles in soft angora or Mongolian wool, fur or natural hand-woven fibres in rustic, textured materials.

Jungle & Cactus, the tropical trend of 2019

In contrast with the simple shapes of minimalist style, summer 2019 will provide confirmation of the rich and enveloping tropical patterns: large fern leaves, dense jungles, spotted and animalier patterns beside a multitude of stylised or hyper-realistic cactus will paint walls and textiles green, confirming the outstanding success of the exotic graphic trends which were already popular in 2018.

urban jungle style

In particular, the symbolic object of design in 2019 will be the cactus, either stylised or cartoon, reproduced on fabrics or prints, painted onto ceramics and tableware, three-dimensional as a fun ornament or an unconventional lamp and, naturally, very much alive and real in thorny potted compositions scattered throughout the home.

interior design

Decover, leading manufacturer of 100% Italian printed glass with exclusive designs, is keeping up with the 2019 decorative trends and offers its Lama, Tribal, Sandra, Forest, Pineapple and Cactus lines of glasses to dress the summer table with the fun and warmth of the most popular tropical fantasies.

Fun lamas, adorable stylised pineapples, fern branches, brightly coloured abstract tribal-style decorations and must-have cacti for a different, fun and carefree tableware theme each day.

decover lama artwork

Scandinavian, vintage and industrial: the "must-have" style trends in 2019

The success of Scandinavian style, characterised by a few basic and functional pieces of furniture set in a context dominated by white and by simplicity, continues unabated and is even consolidated in 2019, supplemented by more vintage hues inspired by the world of nature.

nordic style

Typical Swedish-style furniture and accessories will be given a new lease of life when mixed with vintage 60s/70s armchairs, footstools and sofas, preferably featuring their original fabric upholstery or a good imitation thereof.

Glass, cast iron and untreated wood will instead play the starring role of another important furnishing trend in 2019: industrial style remains a great success, and mixing it with raw elements such as bark, roots, jute and live plant compositions has given rise to rustrial (rustic + industrial), the latest trend for lovers of a country style with strong minimal-chic vibes.

The purity and simplicity of Scandinavian and rustrial style are the protagonists of the graphics found on the Provence decorated glasses: striking yet simple designs inspired by nature and a delicate floral pattern for a country-minimal table that does not forego elegance and originality.

decover provence collection

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